Monday, 10 September 2012

Soak it in The Sun and Make a Groovy Lemon Pie

A lot of things have happened since my last post, which is to be expected as my last post was a few months ago (sorry!)
   1.  I finished college and collected my results; 2 C’s and a double distinction* a result my Nan described as ‘well, at least it’s something’ the grades were in those very marketable and essential subjects of; performing arts, media and English Lit and Lang.   
    2.    Achieved the impossible and bought a dress and a necklace from Topshop for under £10?!
3          Bought the new vaccines and two door cinema club albums (both very good)  
4    In April my aunt was diagnosed with lung cancer, she was 38 and had never smoked. The cancer then spread to her lungs, she was given chemo but was told it would never go. Later she was given a year to 18 months, which meant she would be able to celebrate her birthday and Christmas with her family one last time, although that thought made the whole family angry/upset/scared she was positive and happy ‘hey, it’s not like it’s a couple of months is it’ she smiled. A couple of weeks later the cancer spread again and continued to invaide her body eventually infecting her bones and spinal cord the year to 18 months changed to  6 weeks. She then started to get mind-numbing headaches, the doctors had said it had spread, again, to the lining of the brain, 6 weeks was turned into two. She died on the 17th August. My Nan (her mum) my uncle (her husband) my cousins (her son’s) and my mum (her sister) were obviously devastated and annoyed and sick.
Her life has made me think about my own, I found out she went to festivals regularly, had paraglided, base jumped, white water rafted, abseiled, travelled to; Thailand, New York, Cuba, and a bunch of other countries, got married in an ice hotel in Sweden. Rocked an orange fur coat and Dr Martens in the 90’s. Walked down the Uni halls in just her towel (she had just showed and her future husband noticed her.) she had an absolutely fantastic life which I can only hope to replicate and has made me realise how unpredictable life is and to not waste days or be too scared to do something. I have been incredibly shy my whole life and I do not want to waste any more of it being scared/lonely/depressed because I was frightened of the consequences that would come if I done anything. Now I’m not going to worry or count calories or stand still at a party because I can’t dance. I’m going to let go and be free and happy (sorry for the cheese!) and, hopefully, blog more!