Wednesday, 30 November 2011

All The Leaves Are Brown

Coat: Dorthy Perkins 
Jumper: Topshop
Jeans: New Look
Brogues: Primark

Can't believe its December tomorrow, this year has gone so fast! 

Had the day off because of the teachers strike and have spent the entire time stuck in doors doing coursework and my personal statement whilst my sister goes to the cinema, alright for some eh?!

The brogues are my fourth pair from Primark - i bought 3 last week (green, red & orange) and these the other day. I think they're really good quality and at £9.90 great value.

I've wanted a pair of colored jeans for a while now and finally got a pair from New Look - I'm thinking about getting a green and burgundy pair as well - they were really cheap (£16 compared to Topshop's £32) but they're a tad too short. 

have you bought anything recently, let me know!


  1. Some beautiful pictures, love your jeans!

  2. Love the jeans and brogues!
    Claudia xxx

  3. these jeans are lovely! I've been after some in a burgundy or dark green colour for a while now. Love the photos in the leaves too - very autumny! xx

  4. love the jeans, and the shoes are lovely :)
    go to mine

  5. Those brogues are lovely, but why does my local Primark not stock them!!! I've just bought a Lady Gaga top and red jumper from Primark recently, I love some of the things they provide.

  6. love those shoes! can't believe they're from primark!


  7. I love the jeans ,the colour is simply gorgeous <3

  8. What lovely autumnal colours!