Wednesday, 3 August 2011

1, 2 Biba @ House of Fraser, 3, 4, 5 House of Harlow, 6 Asos (link not working)

I just found out im going on holiday this year! So that poncho i mentioned here may actually be used outside of the house, and as I'm staying in England I'll need as many cover up options as possible!

1: I've been looking at these shorts for a while now and today they went on sale, surley its a sign!

2: Although this swimsuit is way out of my budget it's still pretty to look at *sigh*

3: Another aztec piece of clothing, I really like the trend though and will be great for the forthcomming festival season

4: Talking of repeats another frindged top, I'm seriously in love with them at the moment and actually DIYed an old top the other day wich I will post tommow

5: Another item which i can't afford, i'll be on the look out for replicas on Ebay and Topshop though, wish me luck!

6: I love the colour of these sandles they just look really fresh and fun

Is anyone else going on holiday this year? What are you packing?


  1. Fantastic, now I want all these things too! ;) I wish I was going on holiday, nothing for me this year.

  2. swim suit is a m a z i n g xxxxxxx

  3. Argh, jealous you're going on holiday! Great choices. x

  4. Hey !
    That swimming suit is amazing, I would love to have one of those :)

  5. sandals + the ring = pure addiction !
    best compliments for your blog, im now followin you!
    Love, Juls xx!/JulsBirkin